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What Are the Differences Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil?

Differences between conventional and synthetic oil

If your Lexus is coming due for an oil change this spring, you may find yourself wondering what kind of motor oil is the best choice for your vehicle. If you’re not exactly sure what the differences are between conventional and synthetic oil, the advantages speak for themselves.

Generally speaking, the experts agree that synthetic oil is better for most engines than conventional. Synthetic oils use a higher-quality base, which means that they’re slower to break down, longer-lasting, and offer superior protection. A fully synthetic oil will keep your engine cleaner for longer and provide better all-weather performance. It’s particularly handy if you make a lot of shorter trips or have an older engine.

This isn’t to say that conventional oil isn’t up for the job. Conventional oils are more affordable than synthetics and provide adequate protection and lubrication to keep your engine hard at work. You’ll pay less when you change your oil, and you might not have to change it more frequently than you would with a synthetic.

Every vehicle’s needs can be a little bit different, and that’s where the insight of an expert is crucial. When you bring your vehicle to Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka for an oil change, our factory-trained technicians will ensure that it gets just what it needs to perform up to your standards for longer. Schedule your next appointment online and leave the hard work to the pros.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Mishawaka

Technician Mounting New Wipers | Mishawaka, IN

Spring has returned to Indiana at last, and that means it’s time for seasonal maintenance for your vehicle. Bring your ride to Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka for spring maintenance and ensure that you’ll be ready for the road this season. Our expertly trained technicians will take care of these and other key services quickly and easily.

Windshield wipers

A set of new windshield wipers helps ensures that you have optimal visibility in the spring. You should be replacing your blades every six to 12 months, so making the start of spring your checkpoint helps keep you consistent and safer.


Freezing temperatures and less driving than normal take a toll on an older battery. When you bring your vehicle to the Jordan of Lexus of Mishawaka service center for routine maintenance, we can test your battery to make sure it’s putting out enough voltage and cold cranking amps to keep you moving. If it isn’t, we can easily replace your old battery so that you don’t have to worry about getting stranded.


Slick roads always present a challenge in the spring — especially if your tires are not in ideal condition. Check the tread depth to make sure that you’ll have enough traction and keep an eye on air pressure to keep your tires healthy longer. You should also make sure that you’re getting your tires rotated regularly, which you can easily have done at Jordan of Lexus of Mishawaka.

Whatever your spring vehicle maintenance needs, the experts at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka are here for you. We’ll make sure that your vehicle leaves our lot ready to hit the road for your well-deserved spring road trip.