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Meet the Lexus LF-Z Electric Concept

The future of the Lexus brand is looking electric. Its latest demonstration of its EV technology is the LF-Z electric concept. Lexus wants to use this vehicle to showcase its plans for future electric vehicles.

The LF-Z was built using the Lexus DIRECT4 platform. This was designed specifically for electric vehicles and uses and a four-wheel-drive powertrain. This helps put more of the electric vehicle’s responsive torque to work.

To help give the LF-Z a lower center of gravity, its battery packs are installed underneath the floor. This also provides an additional layer of insulation from unwanted road noises.

The LF-Z has a futuristic exterior design with organic-looking lines and a black roof that blends almost seamlessly into the darkened windows. The roof is made of electrochromic glass, which can be lightened or darkened on command.

Inside, Lexus uses advanced AI technology that will learn a driver’s preferences to offer route suggestions and even restaurant recommendations. The LF-Z also uses a sophisticated head-up display system that can display driving information, navigation steps, and audio settings.

The LF-Z is a hint of what we can expect to see from Lexus in the near future. Lexus plans to release over 10 new or updated electrified models by 2025. These new cars will be in addition to hybrid or electric versions of the rest of its lineup.

While the LF-Z is still a concept model, you can get take a glimpse into future of Lexus by test-driving one of our electrified models at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka in Mishawaka, Indiana.

How Did Lexus Get its Name and Logo?

How Did Lexus Get Its Name & Logo | Jordan Lexus | Mishawaka

A lot of work goes into choosing a name for a new brand, and Lexus is no exception. The Lexus brand, which is the luxury arm of Toyota, was first introduced in the United States in 1989. Before this happened, Toyota asked Lippincott & Margulies, a New York consultancy firm, to come up with the new brand name in 1986.

The group eventually presented a list of 219 potential names. That list did not include the name “Lexus.” The top choice was “Alexis.” This gradually transformed to “Lexis” and then to “Lexus.” Other leading considerations included Calibre, Chaparel, and Vectre. The name Lexus may make you think of luxury, which is an ideal descriptor for the brand.

Once the team settled on a name, it was time to design the badge. This job was assigned to Hunter Communications and Molly Designs. They took the “L” from Lexus and stylized it in a steel gray oval for a modern design. Some Toyota officials say the badge was created using a strict mathematical formula.

The Lexus team wanted the new logo to emphasize the aerodynamic quality of Lexus vehicles and the combination of precision and art. That is why the full Lexus logo uses a custom font that flows together for a sense of seamless motion.

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