Get Ready for an Electric Lexus

Lexus has its eye on an electric future, but the automaker is making sure performance and efficiency won’t suffer for a greener powertrain. This was evident in its LF-30 electrified concept car, which debuted last year at the Canadian International Auto Show.

But, what exactly is propelling the automaker’s ability to create powerful and efficient electrified models? It’s a technology Lexus calls DIRECT4.

The DIRECT4 system helps a vehicle deliver precise performance. Balance is optimized as the system toggles between rear- and four-wheel drive capabilities. A feat made possible since each e-axle features a transaxle and electric motor. One driveshaft controls each motor for immediate responsiveness.

The new system will offer drivers an engaging experience while still prioritizing their comfort and safety. It is the goal of Lexus and Lexus Electrified Chief Engineer Takashi Watanabe that Lexus Electrified technology allows drivers to feel more in harmony with their vehicles. This hope builds upon another directive, already in the works, “Lexus Driving Signature,” which the automaker detailed in a news release:

“Lexus Driving Signature aims to provide drivers with a natural driving feel, a sense of unity with their vehicle, and the true comfort that comes from confidence, in a thoughtfully designed vehicle with the right balance of excitement and predictability.”

Both hybrid and 100 percent electric vehicles in the Lexus lineup will eventually utilize the DIRECT4 system as a vital component of the Lexus Electrified technology.

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Explore Global Cuisine with Lexus from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Journeys In Taste | Mishawaka, IN

Buckle up because Lexus is taking you on a journey across the world. With the help of Conde Nast International, the luxury travel magazine, Lexus is releasing its second installment of several media projects to celebrate global cuisine.

“Culinary Perspectives,” the line of e-cookbooks, and the documentary series, “Journeys in Taste,” spotlight Lexus-loving artisans, food scientists, and chefs as they share their personal recipes. You will get a closer look at culinary traditions near and far.

The first stop on the journey was a visit with Australian chef and restauranteur Neil Perry, who shared some hors d’oeuvres featuring an egg-based sauce, crispy sourdough toast, and prosciutto he created for the Lexus Melbourne Cup. Perry has several award-winning restaurants, including the Sydney-based Rockpool Bar & Grill.

Charles Tan, a 28-year-old chef in Singapore, introduced viewers to his savory creation, tom yum chicken soup with tofu, for the Lexus LS 30th Anniversary event. This dish was a departure for Tan, as he is renowned for crafting unique flavors of gelato.

In the series, you will also see the executive chef at Intersect by Lexus in New York, Nickolas Martinez, sharing his inventive heirloom tomato salad with yuzu vinaigrette, which blends Spanish and Japanese flavors for an unforgettable and delicious combination.

We at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka hope you will take a moment to explore these wonderful projects. We know we will!