Lexus Reveals DIRECT4 Electric Drive Control

2020 Lexus RX Hybrid | Mishawaka, IN

Lexus is committed to electrifying its lineup. Late last year we got a glimpse of that electric future with the LF-30 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. This concept showcased the new Lexus Electrified strategy with a focus on more performance, better handling, and more driver enjoyment. Now, Lexus is showing off the next step with DIRECT4 electric drive control.

DIRECT4 is designed to be used in battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles. It controls braking force and torque delivery to all four wheels. The system monitors the driving conditions and the driver’s input to adjust the balance between the front and rear wheels. This helps deliver a responsive and exciting driving experience.

The DIRECT4 system will also help enhance the premium experience you should get while driving a Lexus. This will be part of the new Lexus Driving Signature standard that will help define the future of performance within the Lexus lineup.

Here at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka in Indiana, we are looking forward to this automaker’s electric future.  Stay tuned to our blog for more details about the other concept that Lexus will soon release. In the meantime, stop by Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka to test-drive one of the current progressive models we have in stock, such as the RX, NX, and LC hybrid.

Hoosier Audiobooks for Your Drive

2019 Lexus LS Interior | Mishawaka, IN

Anyone from Indiana earns the beloved title of being a Hoosier. There are a lot of great things about our state including our love of basketball, the Indianapolis 500, and are dedication to farming. If you have a long commute to and from South Bend or you just want to relax while cruising around Mishawaka, try listening to some of these audiobooks that are set in Indiana.

“Last Words”

This book is written by New York Times bestselling author Michael Koryta. It follows the story of Sarah Martin from Garrison, Indiana who disappeared inside a local cave. Her lifeless body was discovered days later. A private investigator resurrects the 10-year-old mystery surrounding her disappearance and death.

“The Fault in Our Stars”

This best-selling teen drama was adapted into a hit movie a few years ago. In the story we follow the friendship and love of Hazel and Gus, who connect in a cancer support group for kids. The story is set in Indianapolis.

“Come and Get Me”

Journalist Caitlin Bergman graduated from Indiana University. Years later she returns to accept an award. During her short stay, a college student goes missing and Caitlin gets involved. This mystery will likely leave you with a few “driveway moments” in your Lexus as you listen to the gripping story.

For more ways to make commutes and road trips more fun in Indiana, call us at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka. We’re here to elevate your Lexus lifestyle even further.