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Old and New Holiday Traditions to Brighten the Season

Holiday Hot Chocolate | Mishawaka, IN

The holidays are going to be different this year, but that doesn’t mean the joy of the season is going away. Here are some of our favorite old and new holiday traditions here at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka.

Delightful lights

Set aside an evening to drive or walk around and see all the beautiful holiday lights that your neighbors have put up. You can also see spectacular displays in Mishawaka’s Winding Brooks subdivision or at Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart. If you’re feeling ambitious, put up an at-home display of your own!

Socially distanced treats

Organize your friends, family members, or neighbors to do a holiday treat swap. Each person can deliver a delicious dessert to another person’s doorstep. It’s a tasty and socially distanced way to bring a bit of extra joy to the season.

Essential donations

Remember the less fortunate this holiday season by donating toys, food, or money to our local charities here in Mishawaka and throughout the Michiana region. Giving back is sure to make you and your family feel good — and bring cheer to others as well!

With a little creativity and cheer, you can make this a holiday to remember while continuing to prioritize our community’s health and safety!

Ways to Volunteer in Mishawaka During Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving | Mishawaka, IN
Happy Thanksgiving | Mishawaka, IN

During this Thanksgiving, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer in Mishawaka, even amid the coronavirus pandemic. Check out these ways to volunteer with your loved ones throughout the holiday season.

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana provides food to individuals in need. For 2020, pantries located in a number of different cities are giving items to shoppers while also following social distancing protocols. You can either sign up to be a volunteer or donate canned protein, pantry staples, and other food to a nearby pantry.

St. Margaret’s House

St. Margaret’s House helps women and children who are currently living in poverty by giving them meals and seeing to their needs. Right now, you can purchase items off of the organization’s Amazon Wishlist and make a contact-free donation.

St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Joseph County

This organization has many volunteer and donation opportunities still available. You can adopt a family and purchase gifts for their young children so that they can enjoy the holiday season. Another option is to bring different items to the food pantry.

We at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and find a way to give back to those in need. If we can assist you with anything at this time, be sure to give us a call.

Best Cooking Podcasts to Listen to on Your Drives

Thanksgiving Podcast | Mishawaka, IN
Thanksgiving Podcast | Mishawaka, IN

When taking a day trip or running errands in your Lexus, make the drive more exciting and informative by listening to podcasts. If you’re a foodie, check out one of these cooking podcasts to spice up your ride.

“Home Cooking”

If you’ve been struggling to think of new recipes to try out during the pandemic, “Home Cooking” is a great podcast to listen to. This mini-series shares tips for utilizing pantry staples in a variety of different meals.

“A Taste of the Past”

This podcast gives an in-depth discussion of food cultures around the world. Not only will you learn about the history of certain foods, but you’ll also discover some great spots to purchase an array of meals.

“Bon Appétit Foodcast”

Whether you’re new to cooking or are interested in learning new tricks of the trade, give this podcast a listen. Each episode offers some great advice and may focus on how to use kitchen equipment or which recipes to try.

“Milk Street Radio”

In “Milk Street Radio,” Christopher Kimball and contributors answer listeners’ food-related questions. The podcast features guests from popular cooking shows and may answer some burning questions you’ve had while working in the kitchen.

Any of these podcasts can help you make the most of your time in your Lexus. If you’re interested in purchasing a new Lexus, give us a call at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka.

What to Do at the End of Your Lexus Lease

2020 Lexus NX Lease | Mishawaka, IN

Leasing a Lexus is a convenient, affordable way to experience the luxury and performance of the brand’s newest premium sedans and SUVs. When your Lexus lease ends and it’s time to return your car, you may not be sure what to do. Here’s a helpful guide to trading in your leased Lexus for a new lease.

Remove your personal belongings

Over the past few years, you’ve accumulated a lot of random items in the glove box, center console, trunk and under the seats. Gather every loose item you find that didn’t come with the car. If it’s junk, throw it away.

Return all provided items

If you removed anything from your Lexus that came with it, you’ll need to find and return those to their rightful place. This includes all sets of keys, manuals, seat covers, cargo covers, headphones, instructional DVDs, SD cards for navigation, and other accessories.

Clean your car

Give your car a quick rinse and vacuum to make sure it isn’t covered in dirt or other messes. Note any excessive wear or visible damage. You’ll have to pay for those repairs when you return the car.

Bring your car and documentation for inspection

Return your car to Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka at your scheduled time, and bring the original paperwork from the lease agreement. We’ll inspect your car, have you sign some paperwork, and let you know if you owe any additional fees.

At that point, you’re able to look at the newest Lexus vehicles we have in stock to find your next lease here with us. We’ll help you upgrade to your new ride the same day.

We at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka in Indiana are dedicated to making the leasing process simple and hassle-free for you. Contact us to learn how you can lease a brand-new Lexus or replace your currently leased car with a premium Lexus.

Top Lexus Accessories for an Even More Luxurious Ride

2020 Lexus Accessories | Mishawaka, IN

The Lexus sedan, coupe, or SUV you buy from Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka is already packed from bumper to bumper with luxury. Yet, you can enhance your car’s comfort and style even further with official Lexus accessories like these.

Illuminated door sills

Proudly show that you’re a Lexus owner with these illuminated sill plates. They light up when you open the car door and greet you with the glamorous glow of the Lexus brand name. It’s a

Remote engine start

If your Lexus doesn’t already come with a remote engine starter, you can still add the function with an official aftermarket Smart Key. Doing so allows you to start the engine and run the climate control system from within your house or office.

All-weather floor mats

Don’t let dirt and road salt ruin your Lexus vehicle’s interior. Replace those carpet floor mats with durable, water-resistant all-weather floor liners. They fill the footwells from edge to edge so footprints and drink spills aren’t causes for concern anymore.


If you have young passengers who often ride in your Lexus, they’ll appreciate having Lexus Universal Tablet Holders installed. These devices attached to the back of the front seats and allow passengers to watch videos on their tablets without straining their necks.

If you want to order official Lexus accessories for your vehicle, contact the parts center at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka. We can purchase the parts you desire and conveniently install them for you on-site.