5 Facts About the 2022 Lexus NX

The all-new 2022 Lexus NX combines SUV refinement with coupe-like goodness behind the wheel. It’s fun to drive, impressively practical, and sumptuously luxurious. These are five cool facts about the Lexus NX.

  1. Safety comes first. The new NX is equipped with Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, the most advanced safety suite in the business capable of automatically braking for other vehicles and pedestrians — even at angles.
  2. Easy to use. The standard 9.8-inch touch screen is easy to read, but you don’t have to press buttons while driving thanks to the smart Virtual Assistant that listens to your commands.
  3. Available as a plug-in hybrid. The NX 450h+ is the first-ever Lexus plug-in hybrid vehicle. It can go 36 miles on electric power alone, but still uses gas so you don’t have to worry about range and long recharge times.
  4. Carefully crafted. The Lexus NX’s interior is beautifully crafted and full of high-quality material. It feels a little like an art piece — one you’re actually allowed to touch.
  5. Smartphone-enabled. With the available Digital Key, you can use your smartphone to unlock, lock, start, or stop the Lexus NX. You can start heating the interior before you’re ready to go — perfect on a cold winter day.

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Lexus RXL Joins Black Line Special Lineup for the First Time

Lexus by Stairs | Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka

For the first time, the long-wheelbase Lexus RXL is offered with a limited number of Black Line special edition models, giving the luxurious family ride an even more upscale appearance.

The new RXL Black Line is available for the 2022 model year and incorporates some of the most highly requested visual features from customers and dealers. It’s offered in one of two exterior colors: standard is an all-new Cloudburst Gray, optional is Eminent White Pearl. These contrast perfectly with the 20-inch black wheels, black lug nuts, black side mirrors, black grille, black lower front bumper, and black nameplate.

Inside, unique stitching and touches give the spacious three-row luxury SUV a unique look. Black open-pore wood trim, Black NuLuxe® seats, and blue stitching across the steering wheel, seats, instrument panel, and console tastefully complement the black floor and cargo mats.

Only 495 examples of the 2022 Lexus RXL Black Line will be made, 389 of which will be based on the gasoline-powered RX 350L and 106 based on the hybrid RX 450hL, both equipped with the Premium Package.

The new Lexus RXL Black Line is an example of how an already luxurious vehicle can be taken to the next level. Get a closer look at the 2022 Lexus RXL lineup at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka, Indiana.

Common Problems That Drain Your Car Battery

Lexus GS F-Sport | Mishawaka, IN

Car batteries are one of the most important components in your car. Your battery is responsible for helping start the car in addition to powering interior systems like the air conditioning and lights. If you are experiencing car battery problems, these are some of the common issues that may be draining it.

Extreme temperatures

Extremely hot and cold temperatures can cause long-term damage to your battery life. If it gets over 100 degrees or under 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature causes lead sulfate crystals to build up in the battery. You can mitigate some of this by ensuring your vehicle is stored in a cool environment.

Lots of short drives

Your battery may drain faster than normal if you take a lot of short drives. The battery needs to use the most power when starting the car. If you start the car and shut it off before the alternator has a chance to recharge, it could affect the battery life.

Hardware issues

There are a number of hardware issues that could be causing battery problems: a bad alternator, corroded battery cables, defective fuses, faulty wiring, or even just a bad battery. In all of these cases, it’s best to save your energy and schedule a service appointment at your local dealership.

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3 Items to Improve Your Family Road Trips in Indiana

Lexus RX | Mishawaka, IN

Indiana offers many beautiful destinations for your next road trip, and these products are must-haves to make your family’s excursion more enjoyable. We recommend equipping your Lexus SUV with these items to make your Indiana road trip more relaxing and your vacation more enjoyable.

Sun Shades

Riding with the sun shining directly into your eyes can be annoying and cause headaches, especially if you’re a young child. Protect your kids’ sensitive eyes and allow them to nap in peace with sun shades. You can find a variety of products that will provide extra shade from the glaring sun, whether you want a cheap, generic one to hang over the window or a custom-fit one to mount to the ceiling.

Over-The-Seat Storage

Use the space in your SUV more wisely by equipping it with seatback storage units where children can stash their loose items. This will keep their junk off their floors and seats, giving them more space to stretch out during the ride and easier cleanup when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Tray

Provide your child with many activity possibilities by strapping a travel activity tray onto their child seat. You can buy an elaborate unit to serve as a mobile desk, which can hold a tablet for watching movies, craft supplies for coloring, and books to read.

Want to ride in luxury on your next adventure in Indiana? Take the wheel of a premium SUV like the Lexus RX or GX. We have many family-friendly SUVs in stock here at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka.

3 Must-see destinations on your Staycation in Mishawaka

Shiojiri Garden | Mishawaka, IN

You don’t have to travel far to have a great vacation in Indiana. In fact, you can stay right here in Mishawaka and enjoy a relaxing, affordable staycation with your family this fall. There are plenty of places you can explore that you probably haven’t visited before. Here are some of our suggestions for must-see Mishawaka destinations for your staycation.

Shiojiri Garden

Want a gorgeous place to take family photos outdoors? Check out Shiojiri Garden! This small yet charming traditional Japanese garden will make you feel like you’ve been briefly transported across the globe. The grounds are dedicated to the sister-city relationship between Mishawaka and Shiojiri City in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan.

East Race Waterway

Did you know that you can paddle kayaks and rafts in nearby in South Bend? Just purchase your pass and take a ride up the urban river against the current on a sunny Saturday or Sunday. It’s one of the many things you can do living so close to South Bend.

Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum

A hidden gem in Mishawaka, this educational museum provides kids with opportunities to learn about historic Mishawaka through hands-on artifacts and interactive programming. The museum has been closed during the pandemic, so call ahead to see if they’ve reopened to the public.

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Winner of Lexus Design Award 2021 Grand Prix Announced

Henry Glogau has been named the Lexus Design Award 2021 Grand Prix winner, topping more than 2,000 entrants from 66 countries.

Glogau, a native of New Zealand and graduate of Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Academy, presented a project called the Portable Solar Distiller, which uses ultraviolet rays to turn seawater or polluted water into clean, drinkable water. The Portable Solar Distiller was chosen for best embodying the “Design for a Better Tomorrow” concept, which builds on three key philanthropic and design principles of Lexus: Anticipate, Innovate, and Captivate.

“The winner was one of the designers who surprised me the most from the application to the final submission. The consistent mission of the winner persisted while the transformation in scale and social function was exemplary. The design became more refined, more functional and more open source during the process,” said judge Greg Lynn.

Glogau was one of six finalists picked this past January for the Lexus Design Award 2021. Other nominees include Intusi Design’s Terracotta Valley Wind, Irmandy Wicaksono’s Knitx, and Alina Holovatiuk’s Intempo. The six finalists were mentored over the past months by experts Joe Doucet, Mariam Kamara, Sabine Marcelis, and Sputkino!

Lexus is always on the cusp of innovation, and you can visit Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka to see for yourself. Schedule a visit to our showroom and test drive the new IS, NX, or LX to see for yourself.

Lexus Surpasses 2 Million Electrified Vehicle Sales Worldwide

In 2005, Lexus launched the RX 400h hybrid with the goal of changing the face of luxury automotive. Sixteen years later, Lexus is still one of the world’s leaders in going green, reaching a major milestone of 2 million electrified vehicle sales.

With more than 2 million hybrid and electric vehicles sold around the world, Lexus has helped reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 19 million tons. That’s roughly equivalent to 300,000 cars every year for 15 years.

But Lexus is far from done. Today, there are nine electrified vehicles in the Lexus portfolio worldwide—including UX 250h, RX 450h, and LC 500h. That number will only continue to grow over the next several years as part of the Lexus Electrified plan. In addition to using clean energy in manufacturing to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Lexus will launch 10 new or significantly improved hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles by 2025.

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Meet the Lexus LF-Z Electric Concept

The future of the Lexus brand is looking electric. Its latest demonstration of its EV technology is the LF-Z electric concept. Lexus wants to use this vehicle to showcase its plans for future electric vehicles.

The LF-Z was built using the Lexus DIRECT4 platform. This was designed specifically for electric vehicles and uses and a four-wheel-drive powertrain. This helps put more of the electric vehicle’s responsive torque to work.

To help give the LF-Z a lower center of gravity, its battery packs are installed underneath the floor. This also provides an additional layer of insulation from unwanted road noises.

The LF-Z has a futuristic exterior design with organic-looking lines and a black roof that blends almost seamlessly into the darkened windows. The roof is made of electrochromic glass, which can be lightened or darkened on command.

Inside, Lexus uses advanced AI technology that will learn a driver’s preferences to offer route suggestions and even restaurant recommendations. The LF-Z also uses a sophisticated head-up display system that can display driving information, navigation steps, and audio settings.

The LF-Z is a hint of what we can expect to see from Lexus in the near future. Lexus plans to release over 10 new or updated electrified models by 2025. These new cars will be in addition to hybrid or electric versions of the rest of its lineup.

While the LF-Z is still a concept model, you can get take a glimpse into future of Lexus by test-driving one of our electrified models at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka in Mishawaka, Indiana.

How Did Lexus Get its Name and Logo?

How Did Lexus Get Its Name & Logo | Jordan Lexus | Mishawaka

A lot of work goes into choosing a name for a new brand, and Lexus is no exception. The Lexus brand, which is the luxury arm of Toyota, was first introduced in the United States in 1989. Before this happened, Toyota asked Lippincott & Margulies, a New York consultancy firm, to come up with the new brand name in 1986.

The group eventually presented a list of 219 potential names. That list did not include the name “Lexus.” The top choice was “Alexis.” This gradually transformed to “Lexis” and then to “Lexus.” Other leading considerations included Calibre, Chaparel, and Vectre. The name Lexus may make you think of luxury, which is an ideal descriptor for the brand.

Once the team settled on a name, it was time to design the badge. This job was assigned to Hunter Communications and Molly Designs. They took the “L” from Lexus and stylized it in a steel gray oval for a modern design. Some Toyota officials say the badge was created using a strict mathematical formula.

The Lexus team wanted the new logo to emphasize the aerodynamic quality of Lexus vehicles and the combination of precision and art. That is why the full Lexus logo uses a custom font that flows together for a sense of seamless motion.

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2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Wows Autoblog in Driveway Test

2020 Lexus LC 500
2020 Model Pictured

When a review of a vehicle starts off with the words “exquisite, grand, beautiful,” you can bet that it’s made a strong first impression. Leaving a mark is just what Lexus does, and the new 2021 LC 500 Convertible made a clear impact on Autoblog in a recent Driveway Test.

Autoblog’s Zac Palmer recounts the first time he drove a Lexus LC. Palmer says he was followed for a long while by a pair in another vehicle. And once he arrived at his destination, the duo got out behind him just so that they could see the LC up close. In his expert opinion, the newly redesigned 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible has comparable magnetism.

“Many years from now, there will be beautifully preserved examples of them sitting on the grass at concours shows across the country, rightfully taking its place as a shining example of peak car design from this era,” Palmer writes.

High praise, to be sure. But one look at the new Lexus LC 500 Convertible confirms that Palmer is not overpromising. Poised, clean, and undeniably striking, the new LC is a testament to the artistry of Lexus. It’s a statement-maker that backs up its bold looks with thrilling performance and modern amenities.

If you’re eager to get your own up-close-and-personal look at the all-new 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible, you’ll find it at Jordan Lexus of Mishawaka in Mishawaka, Indiana.